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Preppers Shop UK featured on WIRED Magazine

We’ve been speaking with the team at WIRED Magazine about the UK Preppers and the deadly Ebola outbreak:


“”If Ebola did come to the UK, I think me and the immediate family would be prepared and we could survive that without any issue,”

“There are certainly signs that the prepping community has now begun discussing Ebola as a serious threat. On forums like UK-Preppers.co.uk, conversations about Ebola have been growing in number and several people have signed up as new members claiming that it’s the Ebola scare which has encouraged them to think seriously about becoming preppers.”

Read More > http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2014-10/14/british-preppers-get-ready-for-ebola

If you want to get your supplies in order, we have stocks of dried food, water purification and Nuclear Bio Chemical Suits over at the Preppers Shop


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