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How to NOT die from the Ebola virus

Ebola is all over the media, and it’s hard to distinguish the news from the hype. Just in case it’s not all hype and we are in for a global pandemic, here’s some basic advice from Preppers Shop UK.

You may think that this advise is a bit too easy and a bit too obvious… The thing is, you’re right.

You can only catch Ebola by direct contact with the infected bodily fluids of an Ebola carrier. It is not airborne.

The more infected someone is, ie the further down the line they are, the more infectious they become.

Stick to the basics, get it right, and get it done.

How NOT to die from Ebola:

1. Limit your exposure

– Avoid public places, especially those indoors
– Avoid public transport
– Avoid contact with ill people
– Avoid shaking hands

– Don’t travel to areas of unknown outbreaks
– Don’t visit friends or relatives who may have Ebola
– Don’t handle bodily fluids or remains of infected people. If you must, use appropriate protective equipment.

2. Stay clean

Use hand sanitiser and was properly
Wash your hands after handling money. Money is touched by many, many hands.

3. Disinfect ‘high traffic’ hard surfaces

Think laterally. High Traffic areas are touched by many hands. Door knobs. Toys. Shopping trolleys. Etc etc.

4. Avoid touching your eyes/nose/mouth

Cover your own coughs and sneezes with something other than your hand

5. If you are faced with exposure, use the appropriate equipment

– Disposable gloves
– Disposable respirator
– Tyvek disposable suits, including hoods and boot covers

If you are exposed to bodily fluids when moving bodies or transporting an infected person, dispose of your PPE after use.

If in doubt, throw it out. In marked bags. Seal them. Mark them Hazardous Material so no one opens them. Burn them.

If you have infectious waste, dispose of it in a marked bag. Seal it. Burn it.

Essential Supplies:

– Sanitiser with 60% or greater alcohol content
– Disinfecting wipes
– Anti-viral cleaner/disinfectant
– Respirator
– PPE suit
– Goggles
– Gloves
– Heavy duty plastic bags


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