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Review: Opinel No.8

Opinel Knives at PreppersShopUK

Opinel have been making beautiful knives since 1890 from their base in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, Savoie, France. Their knives are simple, well made and light weight.

I’ve been using Opinel knives since discovering them on a Men’s fashion blog post that I stumbled across some years ago.

I purchased an Opinel Carbone, but being a surfer I must have exposed it to a bit too much salt, and it began to rust quite quickly. My next Opinel was a stainless model, and you know what? I haven’t looked back.

I always keep an Opinel No 8 for day to day, but keep the (UK Legal) 3.5mm Opinel on my car keys. It’s always handy as a letter opener, or for any of those other tasks that pocket knives are just so handy for.

I’d reccommend Opinel knives to anyone, and have been purchasing them for Christmas presents for my friends ever since I discovered the knives all those years ago!

– Joe, Birmingham, UK

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