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Preppers Shop UK introduces the ‘Pre-Made’ Bug Out Bag

Exciting news for UK Preppers, today we’re launching the first ‘Pre-Made’ Bug Out Bag.

The bag will include all the basics that a prepper would need in an emergency Bug Out Bag, and be plenty big enough to add your own supplies. We’ve started you off with the basics for making kindling, starting a fire and keeping yourself off the ground, as well as plenty of extras to keep you going.

The contents of the kit are high quality and come from some of the top survival brands such as Kombat, Highlander and Anglo Arms. This Bug Out Bag will make a great Christmas present, and is a great starting point for new UK preppers, or even as a spare ‘go to’ kit for those of you who are already prepping.

What you add to your Bug Out Bag next is entirely up to you, but here’s what our new complete kit contains:

1. Kombat Assault Molle Bag 28litre
2. 100ft 7 Strand Parachord
3. Aluminium Survival Whistle
4. Highlander 3 in 1 Survival Tool
5. Survival Mirror
6. Kombat UK Hexi Cooker
7. Genuine French Military Mess Tins
8. Genuine Swiss Military Water Bottle & Cup
9. Higlander Trekker Hammock
10. Oasis Water Purification Tablets (50 Pack)
11. 92mm Fire Starter Striker Tool
12. Kombat UK Waterproof Matches
13. Higlander Midi First Aid Kit
14. Wind Up Torch
15. BCB Compact Fishing Kit
16. 7″ Anglo Arms Parachord Laced Survival Knife

To order the new Pre Made Bug Out Bag, click HERE


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