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Czech Republic in ‘Give us Bitcoin or we give you Ebola’ Threat?

Anonymous blackmailers are reportedly threatening to spread Ebola in the Czech Republic if the country’s government does not pay them a million euros, in Bitcoin, the software based online payment method introduced in 2008.

Claiming they have ‘biological material’ from an infected patient in Liberia, the unnamed group are reported to be using ‘highly sophisticated communication’… Which basically means either they definitely know what they’re doing, or they haven’t got a clue.

Either way, this is a very interesting story. Has anyone seen Mission Impossible 2? (If you haven’t, you should read the Wikipedia entry to get an understanding of the plot here) Isn’t this basically the same thing?

Scary stuff indeed, could this be another step towards a full-scale Ebola breakout in Europe?

Read the rest of the article by our friends at Vice Magazine:



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