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3 minute guide to winter survival







This is our handy 3 minute guide to get you thinking about your preps for this winter. Nows the time to consolidate and plan before winter really kicks in.

The obvious thing is the weather is going to go downhill, the inevitable will happen. Rain followed by floods, snow…Also followed by floods, and storms.

The key things to think about, staying warm at all times, a car kit in case you get stuck in bad weather and power source.

















As the temperature drops you needs to think about heat at all times, be it at home, car or when outside walking. Cold weather clothing is a must! And so is blankets or foil emergency blankets in the car, I would also recommend chucking in a handful of the self heating hand warmers. Consider the worst case scenario, your driving home from work and get stuck in traffic caused by snow. your stranded all night. Do you have food water and heat? Especially when you run out of fuel of the battery in your car dies and you can’t rely on the heater….
















English winters without flooding would be like Dubai¬†without sun…. Its going to happen. If you are on or near a flood plain then you NEED to plan. Even if the flood dosent effect your house directly it has a habit of knocking out power supplies (Think heat sources with no electric!). Think food stores for when the shop is blocked by 3 ft of water… Think clean water when the water system is contaminated. Get looking at sandbags to try and block the water, or the DAM IT UP self inflating sand bags are a great idea for easy light storage.
















Don’t be caught out this winter! Get thinking about your plans now and aim to get them in place before the end of the month.

Stay tuned for our full winter emergency guide coming soon.


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