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UK Preppers – How to survive a flood.


So this weekend has seen the first of the major floods this year. In 2 says we had record breaking daily rain fall (13″), 130 flood warnings issued, 60,000 homes without power, 1 person dead and the army being drafted in.

A disaster by all accounts, and I’m sure if you asked the people involved, It would certainly feel like the end of the world. We would have thought we would have learnt from the 2012 cumbria floods but apparently not. Here the Preppers Shop UK guide preparing and surviving a flood.



Preparation is key, lets face it, emergency services clearly cannot help everyone so relying on them would be foolish. You need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Early warning is essential, the earlier you know the more effective your preps will be. Keep a local radio or news station on at all time to be updated locally. Facebook can also be a great tool to know whats happening in the area.

Food and water is the key, you need them! Hopefully your preparations will mean you have a good stock of food and water in the house. If not start filling every vessel you can with water, the bath, jugs, bowls etc. Tinned food is great as they would not be contaminated by flood water. Its to late to do this once the flood hits, the shops will be empty. Ensure you NEVER attempt to drink the flood water without a proper water purification and filtration device.

Once you realise that flooding in inevitable you need to start moving valuables up to the top floors. It goes without saying that you want to avoid as much damage to personal items. Make sure you take up all important documents, theres are irreplaceable and would cause severe problems if lost. It is always handy to have a stock of sandbags available. Hopefully the flood wont be to severe and sandbags may do the job to protect your house. We would always recommend the DAM IT UP Inflatable Sand Bags. Weighing only 100g each the chemicals inside react with water causing them to swell up to a full 20kg sand bag if in contact with water.

During the flood:

If you can, get out. Take your really valuable items, warm clothes and some food and water (Hopefully you have a pre packed bug out bag) and leave the area as quick as you can. Head up to high ground and try to find shelter.

If you can’t leave the area you will have to bug in and wait it out. This is when your preparation will really come in handy. Flooding wont just cause water damage. It means all water systems are contaminated meaning no clean water from the taps, shops will be flooded or sold out so no food available other than your own stores. Not only this, the electric grid will be effected and you will be without power (This means no heat!)

Make sure you have stored water or a purification method. Ensure you have a method to provide energy. This could be a generator ideally. Failing that, have a method to start a fire. Not only will it provide you with some heat, you can cook food and if needed purify water. Light would also be very handy, having torches and lanterns (With plenty of spare batteries) would be a great comfort in a flooding disaster.


Having a plan before disaster strikes is essential and could very much be a lifesaver. Make sure you are prepared and you can limit the amount the disaster effects you.






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