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Why the proposed ban of ‘zombie’ knives is stupid

Like many of you, we woke up this morning to hear the ludicrous news that the UK is set to ban ‘Zombie’ type knives in the UK. We were appalled by the misinformed facts being blasted around by the UK media so decided to lay out the facts as well as our thoughts.


A bit of background on the proposed ban. It is being reported that the decision was made last month during a meeting between home office officials and police chiefs. The reason stated was because of the increase of ‘zombie weaponry’ being used in gang attacks.

I suppose we should start with the definition of ‘zombie weaponry’. What exactly do they mean by that, We’re all confused. Zombie weaponry is simply a knife/axe that generally has a green colour…. Some may contain a print of a zombie on the blade. But what actually separates a zombie knife from any other knife? Well absolutely nothing apart from the name. Or is the proposal to ban a colour of knife, Everyone must be able to see how laughable that would be.

So as it stands there is currently no definition of a ‘zombie’ item and there is no difference between a zombie knife and any other knife. So perhaps we should look at how many reported crimes have been committed with a ‘zombie’ blade. Well the answer is zero. There has never been any reported crime committed with a zombie themed knife. So why exactly are they proposing the ban on them?

I think its important to look at the issue of knife crime. There was 19 deaths last year from a knife in the capital with the theme being gangs. We are being told gangs are carrying knives as weapons which is causing the murders. Banning any form of knives is clearly not the answer. It is not tackling the root of the problem, Gangs. The focus has to be stopping gangs. After all, if knives were banned wouldn’t they just move onto another object? Screwdrivers, bricks, bats, sharp sticks? Do we need to go on? Clearly if the root of the issue is not tackled the problem would remain wether there was a knife ban or not. At what point do we stop blaming the object and start blaming the people committing murder.

Another problem caused by the media, police and officials is the false portrayal of knives that are used in crime. In all the images you will see on news reports are large hunting/survival knives, machetes & ‘Zombie’ knives. In todays reports its laughable that all the images used are from america and the video of a zombie knife collection is indeed narrated by an american man, living in america. Great representation of the UK knife situation….
This would also lead us to think that its these style of knives that are used in most incidents. Well this is another complete myth. It is well documented that majority of knife crime is committed using a kitchen knife… Unfortunately the police and Office for national statistics do not record the type of knife used in each crime (This would perhaps not be helpful in pushing the agenda) so it is almost impossible to calculate how many crimes are committed using the knives in question.

The closest we can come is the following data published by the Home Affairs Committee.

Figure 8: Penetrating Injury Audit: Stabbing assault weapons used July-December 2008[79]

Weapon Total Percentage
Kitchen knife 59 34
Unidentified knives 37 21.5
Other 11 6.5
Flick knife 5 3
Glass 11 6.5
Penknife 2 1.2
Unidentified weapon 47 27.3
172 100

It shows that only 1.2% of stabbings were committed with a penknife whereas the largest percentage was with a kitchen knife. The full report can be found here – http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200809/cmselect/cmhaff/112/11206.htm

Why is it we are seeing a crackdown on zombie knifes and not kitchen knives…..


I suppose the real question is where does this all end? Knives are used by people for hundreds of legitimate uses. I bet every person in the UK uses a knife daily, did you cut your toast this morning? Is the eventual ban going to be to ban all kitchen knives including cutlery as they are used in the majority of knife crime? Banning knives is absurd, the root of the gang problem needs to be tackled. Anything can be used as a weapon in the hands of a dangerous person.




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