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What is EDC?

Many of us preppers talk about EDC, but does everyone who is new to prepping actually understand what it is?

EDC stands for everyday carry. It refers to the items you carry everyday in your pocket or bag. Now by this we don’t mean the chewing gum or screwed up receipts in your pockets. We means the items that you would feel lost without, the items you tap your pockets for at the door to double check you have them. Your EDC items make your life easier and make you feel more comfortable, its the very cornerstone of prepping.

Im sure most of us have had situations where we’ve really needed something to hand, be it a pen & paper, a knife, screwdriver, torch etc. If you’ve got a good EDC kit you should never find yourself in that situation again.

How to start building your EDC

Every EDC needs to be perfect to you and because of that you will have to sit down and think about your own kit, theres not a one kit thats perfect for all. Thats said, there are some items that are very common for most people and you should probably consider.

Theres the basics, things you will probably have anyway, Phone, Keys, Wallet etc.

Heres our list of EDC items to consider.

Multi Tool – Multi tools are in around 80% of people EDC because of there many functions. A small multi tool like the Leatherman Micra is perfect as it can be added to your keys and contains a knife, scissors, screwdrivers etc. – http://www.preppersshop.co.uk/leatherman-micra-multi-tool–sheath-1024-p.asp

Torch – From power cuts to looking behind a cupboard to walking down a dark street at night. Torches are a great EDC item. Your best of having something reasonably small so that it could easily fit in your pocket/pouch. As an EDC torch you don’t have to have something as bright as you BOB. Around 100 lumens should be plenty. Our pick is the BCB 130 lumen torch, small enough to fit int the palm of your hand but extremely bright. – http://www.preppersshop.co.uk/bcb-ison-combat-zoom-flashlight-130-lumens-882-p.asp

Pen – Not everything is digitalised, A pen could be so handy in everyday life, be it at work or jotting down some info in a shop. Tactical pens are a great option as they are made from aircraft grade aluminium and most contain a glass breaker. Our favourite is this pen from Anglo Arms – http://www.preppersshop.co.uk/anglo-arms-preppers-tactical-pen-2583-p.asp

Notepad – To team up with the above pen, a notepad or even a single sheet of paper for you to jot down anything important on. A waterproof notepad is a great addition as it could be used outside in any condition – http://www.preppersshop.co.uk/kombat-uk-mini-waterproof-notepad-488-p.asp

Lighter – A definite essential wether you smoke or not. The ability to light a fire could be vital for lighting a candle, starting a fire for heat or sealing your paracord ends.

Your EDC needs to be specific to you so sit down and have a brainstorm for what you need. Just keep in mind, your EDC should make your life easier on a daily basis

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