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How you should prepare for the EU referendum result.

Whichever side of the fence you sit on, it would be foolish to think that the result wont have a massive effect on everyone.


There are plenty of concerns if we stay in. European army, several new countries joining the EU, the crumbling euro, increased immigration putting strains on services and increased control over our laws from the EU.

If we vote out there will inevitably be a temporary drop in the economy and there is of course uncertainty over what will happen, after all its never been done before.

As preppers we should be considering how it could effect us.

Social unrest.

With an issue as passionate as this, there will be a lot of unhappy people whatever the result. To think that it will be taken lying down would be foolish, It is almost certain that there will be protests & potentially riots following the result. This is something you should be considering. Is your property secure from rioters & looters?

The ongoing impact of riots is vast as we witnessed in london several years ago. It would result in temporary fuel & food shortages in the effected areas.

Job loss.

There are all sorts of lies and ‘facts’ flying around regarding the impact on jobs. If a leave vote happened there is potential for a small amount of job losses as a direct impact. Although inevitable leaving would create much more jobs it could have an effect in the short term if you could depends on EU trade.

Drop in the sterling.

If we vote out the sterling will drop temporarily. Wheras this shouldn’t have any effect in the long run it would mean an increase in prices in the short term. If your planning on a holiday then get your euros in advance and it could be wise to make any international purchases now!

Food & fuel shortages.

With a lot of our fuel and food coming from within the EU it could cause a temporarily shortage in the supply of fuel and food in the week following the result. It would be wise to stock up on fuel and increase your food supplies in the next 2 days.


Either way the result will have major impact on everyone. As preppers we know we need to prepare for instances like this.  As preppers we also know we need to take control back from large powers and there is only one way to do this. Is this perhaps the start of the revolution?


Stay safe, Stay prepared.


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