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Preppers Shop UK packaging goes plastic free.

We’ve got a serious matter that we want to discuss with you all. There is a common theme that binds most of us and that is the outdoors. We are all outdoorsmen/women, bushcrafters, survivalists, nature lovers, preppers and the outdoors and the environment plays a major part in what we love and do.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year we have all seen the impacts of single use plastic on the environment and the damage it is causing. Its really got us thinking about the impact we play as a retailer, and the industry as a whole. In general, we all do a great job, we’re considerate of our impact when in the woods, we all preach ‘leave no trace’, we all respect the wildlife around us. However there is a huge factor that really isn’t living up to the rest of the ethos; packaging.

The most common type of retail packaging that we and other retailers use is plastic mailing bags. They cant really be reused, they are put in a bin and end up inevitably in our oceans, woodlands or dumped in another country to hide the issue! There are several reasons why we all use plastic mailing bags.

  1. A lot of the gear we sell doesn’t necessarily need cardboard packaging to protect it, its mostly either soft (sleeping bags), rock solid (ammo cans) or already packed in cardboard outer boxes around the products (knives, crossbow etc).
  2. Quick and easy to pack.
  3. Space saving. In a tight warehouse with limited room 1000 mailing bags take up virtually no room whereas 1000 cardboard boxes take a huge amount of space.
  4. The biggest factor is down to cost. A mailing bag that would cost 6/7p, the equivalent cardboard box would cost around 50/60p. It might not sound a lot but over a days post that would be between 100-150 parcel thats a £90 difference. The cost of a plastic bubble lined jiffy bag as opposed to a green paper filled jiffy bag is as much as 1000%. Cost is the single biggest factor in using plastic packaging.

However, regardless of the costs we feel its only right that we bite the bullet and play our part is protecting the environment that plays such a major part in our lives.

We are making the following commitments.

  1. No more plastic packaging! We are committing to completely remove plastic packaging from our packages within the next 3/4 months.
  2. We estimate we have around 3/4 months worth of plastic mailing bags in stock so we will continue to use these up but from today we will not be purchasing any more plastic packaging
  3. We will continue to reuse all packaging that we receive. If we receive a package from a supplier that contains bubble wrap then we will reuse that in a package still. Reusing the packaging that we receive is the best solution for it. We already do and will continue to reuse and repackage up any cardboard boxes that we receive rather than disposing of them as waste.
  4. We will only use recycled packaging from now on, this stands for all cardboard, paper etc that we use & buy.
  5. We will also stop using plastic tape for our boxes and be moving to an environmentally friendly paper based tape.
  6. We will be doing our best to encourage our suppliers and other retailers to join us in this commitment.

Although the plastic in the packaging you receive from us may not be at the front of your mind when ordering from us or deciding which retailer to place an order with, please take a moment to consider the impact of the environment that we try to spend most of our time in. It may not change the world but everything we can do to reduce our impact will help.

Please let us know your thoughts on this change, we would love to hear your opinions.

If you would like to browse the range of products we stock at Preppers Shop UK you can visit the website here – www.preppersshop.co.uk

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