1 Month Military Survival Ration Pack Supply

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This 1 month preppers ration pack supply kit contains 1 months worth of survival rations! The kit contains 60 British military meal pouches with at least 6 different menus included. These are a great way to bulk buy rations to add to your current selection for any emergency or isolation situation. You can either eat them cold straight from the bag or boil in the bag for a quick and easy, healthy meal in minutes!

Optional Extra's:

200 Piece British Military Ration Accessories Kit 

This kit includes:

60 x Individual tea bags
60 x Chilli powder Sachets 
60 x Salt/Pepper 
20 x Military Drink Powder

80 Piece British Military Ration Snack Kit

10 x Military Chocolate Bars 
10 x Fruit & Nut 
10 x Fruit Jam Mix 
10 x Chocolate Biscuits 
10 x Packets of Oat Biscuits
10 x Apple Protein Drink
10 x Mixed Fruit In Light Syrup 
10 x Cooked Rice 

Military Ration
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Cerys  /  Wales

Great Selection

Great selection of meals. Stored for SHTF situation 👍🏻

4 Mexican Style Tuna with Pasta

4 Chicken and Mushroom Pasta

4 Chicken with Pasta

4 Chicken with Lentils (HALAL)

4 Chicken Meatballs & Pasta

4 Chicken & Pasta with Spicy Tomato Sauce(HALAL)

4 Pasta with Tomato & Beans

4 Pasta with Beef & Tomato Sauce(HALAL)

4 Meatballs & Spaghetti

4 Lamb Rogan Josh

4 Moroccan Style Bean Stew

4 Thai Style Chicken Soup

4 Tomato Pasta Salad

4 Pasta Bolognese

4 Pasta Bolognese(HALAL)

Ezekiel  /  Durham

Top value

Delighted with the purchase, even got an extra ration which surely wouldn't have been a mistake! I have received ~ 6 different options that I could have selected myself. No orange Starburst or Skittles here!

While this is a month's supply for one person, they can easily go further if you are economical.

Highly recommend if you are prepping!

Katherine wadlow  /  Sussex

One happy prepper

After Reading the only review that mentions what meals she got i was jubious..but i clicked buy i brought 2 boxes ...and i wasn't disapointed .. i got a good selcetion of meals ... to my joy i got quite alot of josh rogan lamb ...i was very pleased with this ... theres a few meals im not keen on but will eat if i needed to ...or use as a decoy ... but over all very happy! Im guessing what you get is based on whats in stock at thr time of order which is fine by me .

Beef meatballs & spaghetti hoops

Minced beef & pasta

Chicken meatballs & pasta

Chicken & mushroom pasta

Chick pea & potato curry

Chicken with lentils

Tomato pasta salad

Lamb rogan Josh

I will be be ordering the 3 month suppky next my delivey man asked me if this was a one off delivery ...😅 no mate sorry its not and its gonna get worse 😁😂

Mike Haines  /  Leicester

1 month MRE

Came in good time. Stored with the other MRE`s for a shthf scenario.