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1 Month Survival Ration Pack Supply

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This 1 month preppers ration pack supply kit contains 1 months worth of survival rations! The kit contains 60 British military meal pouches with 4 different menus included. These are a great way to bulk buy rations to add to your current selection for any emergency or isolation situation. You can either eat them cold straight from the bag or boil in the bag for a quick and easy, healthy meal in minutes!

These are military spec rations and as such are only ever printed 3 years date, some of these may be close to the 3 year best before date, but of course these are all designed to be safely eaten for 20+ years which makes them the ideal basis of your food supplies.

Optional Extra's:

200 Piece British Military Ration Accessories Kit 

This kit includes:

20 x Fruit Explosion Energy Pouches
60 x Isotonic Drink Powders
60 x Salt Sachets
60 x Military Tabasco Hot Sauce

80 Piece British Military Ration Snack Kit

10 x Blueberry Turnovers
10 x Whole Wheat Bread's
10 x Raisins, Sultanas and Currants Fruit Mix
10 x Maple Syrup Bun's
10 x Packets of Oat Biscuits
10 x Tropical Fruit Mixes 
10 x Pear's in Light Syrup
10 x Cooked Rice

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Mike Haines  /  Leicester

1 month MRE

Came in good time. Stored with the other MRE`s for a shthf scenario.

EWEN WHITE  /  Scotland

Mostly great!

Most of the MRE packs are great! The ones with meat or fish are, while entirely filling and nutritious, rather less appealing than the vegetarian options. Easy fix; next batch I'll get the vegetarian box! ;-)

John Grant  /  Preston

Great kit!

I brought these as addition to my food storage. These are the real deal military spec which is great. Does the job perfectly.

Alexis Huison  /  Brighton

1 month ration box

Baught the 1 month ration box, this is my first time buying from the preppers and I will say that for my first time it was better then expected. I would however say that for the box (which came in 3 boxes) 60 meal pouches. The range of meals was a bit lacking. The meal consistsed were, pasta and meatballs, chicken in tomato sauce, chicken with pasta, chicken with pasta in spicy sauce (no spice what so ever) bean casarol, bean chilli. The most of all I got was a full box of bean casarol total count 16 pouches. They do not come with any heaters so you do either have to eat them hot or cold (I did try some cold and was not really that good.) it's not the peppers fault that they all mostly taste the same. But a little more virity would have been nice in the boxes. If you don't mind choosing between 4-5 meals (that's 2 meals per day.) than it's a good box to get. I will point out that for value for money it's a very good deal. Most meal pouches go for an easy £4-£8 range on other sites. These one are good to keep you going and at £2 per meal it's good to have a stock of food just incase. But like I said shame there was not more virity on the boxes.

The preppers do get the orders out fast despite what other reviews say.

Good work guys. Just try and get more virty of meals next time 😋 lol.