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The first modern BBQ Grill was believed to have been invented in America, in 1952, by George Stephen who cut a metal buoy in half, welding steel legs onto the dome and using the top half as a lid. However, all BBQs need accessories to cook all the delicious foods you love. BBQ grill accessories include tools for turning the food without injury, to ensure a complete cook all round. Whether your BBQ grill operates on gas or charcoal, some accessories are essential to ease the cooking process.

The BBQ smoker also requires tools and accessories to enable the successful smoking and preparation of the foods being smoked within them. Having dedicated accessories makes the task easier, and safer. BBQ grill accessories have longer handles allowing the cook to stay further away from the heat source, reducing the risk of injury. BBQ accessories also include weatherproof covers, to protect from sudden summer squalls and for the winter months when the weather isn’t conducive to outdoor dining. Preppers Shop stocks a wide selection of BBQ accessories to accompany your BBQ grill or smoker cooking appliance.

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