Our Age Verification Policy

Here at Preppers Shop UK we have a very strict policy on age verification. Governed by the Offensive Weapons Act 2019 we follow thorough guidelines on how to conduct age verification.

It is a legal requirement that we see a form of ID when conducting the age verification process, this can either be a birth certificate, passport or driving licence. If the address on the document provided does not match the shipping or billing details of the order, we will need to see a utility bill that shows the name and address match the one on the order.

ID needs to be provided prior to the order being dispatched, if no verification of age is provided then the order will not be dispatched.​​​​​​​

Age Requirements

Certain items have different age requirements therefore, the item can only be purchased by someone of that specific age. These age requirements are stated below:

- All knives, machetes, spears, swords and axes can only be purchased by someone aged 21 or over

-All crossbows, crossbow bolts can only be purchased by someone aged 18 or over

Failed ID Policy

The name on the ID must match the one on the order. If someone else's ID is used or a false ID is provided, this will be reported to the police, as this is illegal and will not be tolerated from the shop. The customer will also have a permanent ban from shopping with us.

For any failed ID's including, being underage, using a fake ID or using someone else's ID a £4.95 admin fee will be taken to cover the time and expense we have incurred.