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Anglo Arms Op-360 80lb Self Cocking Pistol Crossbow Kit

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A 80lb Anglo Arms 'OP-360' resin self cocking crossbow with adjustable tactical arm grip and shoulder stock.  Supplied with 3 aluminium bolts.


  • Self-Cocking Feature: Simple and safe while ensuring precise string alignment
  • Auto-Safety mechanism which engages when cocking
  • Bolt retainer
  • Resin construction
  • Tactical adjustable grip
  • Tactical adjustable shoulder stock
  • High-Tech fibreglass limb
Anglo Arms
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Kevin MacCallum  /  Scotland

Superb Item

Very compact, powerful little item for size, extremely awkward to try and get bow string on by yourself, requires second person, unless you have a rig to assist, that is only drawback of it.

Aluminium bolts have better penetration into objects than the plastic, however the aluminium ones tend to break, the plastic ones can be salvaged (sometimes)

Setting up the site can be awkward.

Good to practice with the plastic bolts once the head has broken of, they still have good impact, shot a few into some steel and it left a nasty dent

Tadhg O'Byrne  /  ?

Great little crossbow. Easy to cock with good accuracy

I love this thing. Great fun. I got a red dot sight and it makes it pretty accurate.

One problem i had was the top rail had a lot of play. It is only tightened on with a single screw into plastic. And each shot was throwing the zero off. So i actually drilled out 2 holes for guide pins in order to stop the side to side movement, then i gorilla glued the rail with pins onto the body. Not ideal, but it worked very well.

With a good position i can now take a bottle cap at about 20 yards.

This thing is definitely more than a toy, and should be treated as a functioning firearm. The standard bolts will fly straight through a few layers of denim, and you'd get clean through any pigeons rabbits and small game. So for SHTF it would always be a back up. Obviously you would want a range of firing rates, etc, but i reckon with a well aimed shot, this is lethal, so exercise caution. Stock up on bolts, the crossbow is so powerful that if you miss your target there is a good chance your bolt is gone for good, or damaged to the point it is no longer accurate.

The aluminium bolts are good accuracy, but take less punishment than the plastic ones.

I also kitted out the picatinny rail with a torch mount and a 12 bolt holder that i found elsewhere.. Looks the shit now.

Thank you Lincoln and the Preppers crew, I love you guys!.

Stephen Spencer  /  cornwall


I bought this as a special offer and thought I was going to get a simple crossbow that would not be any real use. WRONG. I fitted a cheap red dot and wow what a bow, 21 yards and hit target every time plus the power is something else, the high dense foam target foam only just stops the bolts and you really need good bolts, fired a all plastic one and it died big time.

Is this big fun - YES.

I have used some string wax and that gives more umph and makes the string last a bit longer.

For less than £50 what else would give this amount of fun, even girls cost more and don't last as long !