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A good quality bag is essential for all UK Preppers. Your BOB (Bug Out Bag) needs to contain everything you will need if you have to grab it and leave in an emergency situation. We stock a full kit if you're looking to get started with prepping, that contains all the basics and includes the bag for just £99!

Preppers should also consider an EDC (Every day carry) bag. This is a smaller bag which you should aim to have with you at all times offering vital kit in an emergency. We offer a wide range of bags, Each with different properties and uses, but all very functional. Your B.O.B and E.D.C bags are vital - do some research and take your time when deciding what kit they should contain, it really is up to you how far you take it. 

We've also added the Ultimate Bug Out Bag at £280, a whole lot of kit in one go!




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