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Cooking on a BBQ in the fresh outdoors on a warm summer evening is one of the most idyllic activities anyone can do. Combining this with the scenic views that Cornwall has to offer, with its picturesque coastlines and lush green landscapes, we can offer you the very best BBQs for sale at our BBQ shop in Cornwall.

When you come and visit our unique Cornwall-based BBQ shop, you will be able to find a select range of American BBQs that you won’t find anywhere else. Our shop is one of the only American BBQ shops in the UK and is packed with a variety of brands and ranges for you to choose from. Our BBQs are all from reliable and trusted manufacturers who deliver passion in every BBQ they produce for our brand-new BBQ shop in Cornwall. When stepping inside our Cornwall BBQ shop, you will be able to browse our high-quality BBQs, which are all set up for ready for you to check out, so you can be sure of the ideal BBQ to meet your needs. If you are still unsure about which unique BBQ to choose, then one of our expert members of staff will happily provide you with the specifications of each one and the details of how each BBQ is assembled, and what they can offer you when cooking on them.

Our brand-new American BBQ shop is one of the only shops of its kind in Cornwall and the UK.

bbq smoker and grills

Our American BBQs & smokers for sale

One of the most sought-after BBQ ranges that we sell is the ProQ BBQ range, which includes several sized quality BBQs, as well as food smokers for beginner, enthusiastic and professional chefs. These incredible BBQs that we supply from our family-run business will get your juices flowing and cook your food like no other BBQ will. We are proud to stock American BBQs and smokers from ProQ in our Cornwall BBQ shop, as they offer quality-made, easy-to-assemble, diverse smokers, BBQs, and cold smokers to appeal to a range of customers, who are just as enthusiastic as us about cooking.


We stock ProQ BBQs and smokers

Preppers Shop offers a diverse stock of ProQ BBQs and smokers assembled ready for you to browse and purchase. Our Cornwall BBQ shop provides several BBQs and smokers including the ProQ Ranger, Frontier, and Excel BBQ Smoker & Grill, all of which are made out of porcelain-coated steel, include a temperature gauge, cool touch side handles, spring-loaded latches, and the ability to cold smoke food such as salmon and cheese. These three BBQs and smokers will give you the distinct flavours you’re looking for when cooking your food.

The ProQ Ranger BBQ has a grill diameter of 340 mm, enough to cook two whole chickens or 36 sausages. If you want to take your cooking up to the next level, the ProQ Frontier BBQ, which our Cornwall shop supplies, has a grill diameter of 400 mm enabling you to cook four whole chickens or 48 sausages. Meanwhile, the ProQ Excel can cook eight whole chickens or 80 sausages with a grill diameter of 480 mm.


Cold smoking BBQs

Preppers Cornwall BBQ Shop stocks signature items from ProQ to suit your cold smoking needs. No other BBQ shop in Cornwall supplies the ProQ Eco Cold Smoker Box or the innovative ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinet. Both these products allow you to intensify your food’s flavour by cold smoking them with the help of the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator. Cold smoking is the process of smoke being pumped through the cabinet for periods of between 12 and 48 hours, with the temperature of the chamber kept below 20°C, and can be applied to foods such as fish, various types of meat, cheeses, and vegetables. The amazing thing about ProQ cold smokers is that they can be used inside your home.

The ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinet is perfect for multi-layered cold smoking with three removable stainless steel grills, perfect for smoking a wide range of foods like bacon, cheese, fish, and much more. The cabinet is made from weather-resistant galvanised steel, so you will be able to leave this outside come rain or shine, knowing that your food will be building up an amazing flavour without interruption.


Charcoal, smoking woods & curing kits

When cooking and smoking your food using the ProQ range, different types of charcoal, smoking woods, and curing kits will enhance your food with a different smoky taste. There are several types of charcoal and smoking woods that pair well with different foods. A great BBQ needs great charcoal and at our Cornwall BBQ shop, you can pick up a sack of eco-friendly coconut shell charcoal which burns hotter, lasts longer, produces a low odour, and emits very little smoke.

Our supply of smoking woods at our Cornwall BBQ shop can add wonderful aromatic flavours to your foods, with a range of classic hickory smoking wood, sweet maple, tantalising apple, and distinctive oak, available in chunks, chips, or dust.

Our Cornwall BBQ shop also supplies curing kits to help flavour and preserve your smoked food. The beauty of these kits enables you to cure your meats, fish, garlic, nuts, and cheeses in the comfort of your own home. Our curing kits offer a host of flavours to create something really special with intense flavours including sage and thyme, traditional sweet cure, rosemary and thyme, citrus and juniper, vibrant beetroot, and more. There’s a flavour for you no matter what you plan on smoking and curing.


BBQ accessories

As well as our extensive range of BBQs for sale in our Cornwall shop, we supply a selection of must-have BBQ accessories. You’ll be a master chef with our ProQ Stainless Steel Travel BBQ multi-tool which includes BBQ tongues, a spatula, a fork, and a bottle opener to keep the beers coming for you and your eager diners.


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We are conveniently located in Newquay and perfectly placed to serve the camping community around Cornwall. We have regular visitors from Perranporth, Truro, Halye, St Austel and St Ives.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with trusted advice, and a good variety of high quality stock to ensure you have the best BBQ experience.

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