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Is an Arcade belt the best EDC belt to buy?
We believe that Arcade belts are one of the best items to have in your EDC essentials (every day carry) kit. Here is a list of why we believe that Arcade belts are worth having in your every day kit. 
Why Do People Buy Military Surplus?
Here at Preppers Shop we have recently had a huge selection of Military Surplus arrive to us. Everything from clothing, shoes/boots to army rations and bags, plus a wide selection of ammo boxes that are perfect for storing all of your Military gear....
Most common questions we get asked here at Preppers Shop UK.
Here at Preppers Shop, we get asked a variety of different questions from what is the best item to buy for wild camping? To how can I bulk my kit out with the most important necessities with out having to spend too much money?
Some of the best places to shoot archery in Cornwall.
Are you thinking of starting out in the world of archery? Here we have put together a guide on some of the best places and archery clubs around Cornwall and some top tips on how to be safe and enjoy shooting that bow properly. 
The Best Camping Experiences in Newquay and Cornwall
There is so much to do in gorgeous coastal Cornwall. Day trips, surf lessons, trips to Newquay or Falmouth and visits to Preppers Shop in Newquay for all your camping supplies. There’s even a Doc Martin tour in Port Isaac! What more could you ask for?...