Five Camping Necessities from Snow Peak

Five Camping Necessities from Snow Peak

So, you’re about to head out for a long weekend’s camping adventure or planning a longer stretch in the great outdoors this spring or summer. Perhaps you’ve checked the garage or shed and your camping gear is starting to look a bit tired, or you’re aiming to experience the joys of canvas living for the first time? Whatever the case, it’s important to think about the gear might you need? 


With so many things to consider, it can seem bewildering for the newbie camper. Luckily, Preppers Shop has everything you will need and more – and is more than happy to advise. Equally, for the hardened explorers among you, looking to update some of your gear or add a piece of extra camping luxury to your existing armoury to make your trip a little more special, then look no further than the Snow Peak products we have in store. 

Snow Peak offers a huge range of top-quality, durable camping equipment items, to make your trip the amazing, memory-filled experience you’re hoping it will be. Founded in 1958, the company was set up to provide innovative, high-end products for campers and mountaineers out of discontent with the products on the market at the time. So the name Snow Peak is synonymous with amazing quality, from outdoor cooking to accessories. 

You may have sorted out your tent and sleeping equipment, but it’s your cooking equipment that will ensure your fresh-air food lives up to expectations. It’s amazing what a difference other accessories can make when it comes to creating that home-from-home feel, too. It all helps to add a little extra luxury.


1- Snow Peak Takibi Fire & Grill

This innovative piece of kit is a definite must for your trip. It allows you to start a safe campfire wherever your adventure takes you and is the most durable and portable fire and grill available on the market. This neat little gadget is constructed from durable stainless steel, so it will last for as many adventures as you care to take without rusting or corroding. It is also built ruggedly, with durability in mind. The Takibi Fire & Grill is collapsible and after the embers have cooled and been cleaned out, folds flat for storage in the handy canvas bag provided for easy transportation. It consists of a fire pit with a plate to prevent hot ashes from falling to the ground, and a mesh grill that fits over the top for the grilling of your freshly caught fish, a juicy steak or toasting marshmallows, perfect for your family and friends to gather round for meals or warmth as the sun sets at the end of your days’ trekking.

For even greater added comfort around your campfire and grill, the Takibi grill fits perfectly into the middle of the Snow Peak Jikaro Firering Table, providing ample clean, stainless-steel surfaces to prepare food or eat from, giving a fine-dining feel to all of your campsite meals.


2- Snow Peak Camping Bucket Bag Jumbo

When you’re out and about, having an item that is tough and durable, allowing you to store or carry things not in constant use, proves incredibly helpful. This super-durable, handy bucket bag is an essential that you’ll find yourself using again and again. Made from PVC polyester, this bag is waterproof and resilient, and guaranteed to last. A perfect place to store muddy clothes at the end of your hike, or just to carry dirty dishes in, the jumbo 25L capacity will give you plenty of scope for organisation in your tent and campsite, enabling you to relax without clutter. 

The bucket bag is also watertight, so you can fill it with ice to keep your favourite beverages cold in the back garden when you’re back from camping and having a BBQ and can even make a great receptacle to wash the dishes in, particularly because it’s roomy and also collapsible, folding flat for easy storage or transportation in your backpack when you strike camp. Snow Peak also offers camping bucket bags in a range of other sizes and shapes for every budget and family size. 


3- Snow Peak Trek Combo Cookware Set Titanium

For sturdy and reliable cookware when you’re heading out for your next camping adventure, look no further than the Snow Peak cookware set. It provides two handy pots with lids that double as frying pans, enabling you to cook delicious meals in the open air, where food always tastes better. The handles are detachable and the pans neatly nest inside one another, fitting neatly into their mesh bag for easy storage and transportation. There’s even space to fit fuel or a stove inside for truly compact packing. Made of titanium, they are exceedingly hardwearing and lightweight, making them the perfect cookware set for your trek, as they won’t weigh you down. 


4- Snow Peak Folding Bench

This one is sure to become a firm favourite with all your crew, as it allows two adults or a few smaller children to comfortably sit off the hard ground around your campfire. Constructed from tough aluminium and a sturdy canvas fabric seat, it folds up for compact transportation and makes an excellent extra seat when you’ve invited a few too many guests to your summer party or BBQ. It is also perfect for storing camping gear off the ground if the day’s outing has been a damp one, keeping your stuff dry. There are even different colours available so that you can identify which is your own personal seat.


5- Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern

An amazingly versatile little gizmo, this lantern only weighs 54 g but is able to provide an impressive 60 lumens of light. Running off three AAA batteries, it is dimmable and even features three different lighting modes, including a candle mode for a more cosy, relaxed atmosphere in your tent in the evenings. This little powerhouse of a lantern comes with a magnetic loop, allowing you to attach it around poles or straps in the roof of the tent and enabling you to find your PJs and relax with a book in your sleeping bag even after nightfall. 


Wherever your next camping trip is heading and whatever the time of year, Snow Peak has a myriad of useful, high-quality and durable accessories to ensure that your adventure is comfortable, as well as fun. Preppers Shop stocks any- and everything you could possibly need in terms of tents, sleeping bags and mats, as well as food supplies. 

If you need any advice about what to purchase for your trip, then get in touch with a member of our friendly and experienced team today.