How Do I Get Power Whilst Camping?

How Do I Get Power Whilst Camping?

Camping is a chance to escape from the normalities of the modern world and experience the great outdoors in all its glory. It’s a time to take a break from social media, your job, and any other day-to-day responsibilities that can get us all worked up at times. 



But what if an emergency hits you out of nowhere and you must contact family members or emergency services? The last thing you need is your phone on low battery with you struggling to make that important call. There is a wide range of power supplies that Preppers Shop can supply you with, whether you’re camping in a tent, or out and about in your caravan or motorhome. But just how exactly can you get power whilst camping, and what alternative solutions are there?


Let’s look at how you’ll be able to get power whilst on your camping adventures.



If you’re looking to stay off the grid for a week or two or set up camp in an isolated area, a generator is a great way to power all your devices and help you to stay warm. When you think of a generator, you might be picturing a giant, bulky, noisy piece of machinery that is difficult to transport. However, there is a wide selection of camping generators out there that are designed with portability in mind. Many camping generators can weigh as little as 12kg and are powered by petrol. 

Generators are not only great for long expeditions out in the wilderness but are also a perfect alternative power source when your home experiences a blackout during the harsh winter season.


Solar power

Camping in the summer is such a wonderful experience with the sun shining on the luscious landscapes Britain has to offer. Solar power is an amazing alternative energy source that is perfect for camping with a plethora of camping gear now able to be powered by the sun. Solar panels have come a long way since they were first introduced as an alternative eco-friendly power solution, and you can now purchase portable solar panels for charging your devices and getting electricity when camping. 

Many camping accessories such as lanterns are solar-powered and can light your campsite during the night. Leading brand Goal Zero have a whole range of solar-powered camping gear out there to suit your needs – from power banks to solar generators and accessories, all of which will provide you with hours of power.


Chargers and power packs

Every camper needs equipment that is lightweight and compact so that you can stock up on your camping essentials when prepping your rucksack or bug-out bag. With chargers and power packs, you won’t have to worry about freeing up space as these sources of electricity are specially designed with portability and accessibility in mind. These pieces of equipment are essential for any photographer on a camping trip as they can easily charge your camera and keep your laptop running for editing your snaps. They are extremely lightweight and can withstand harsh weather conditions, as well as being waterproof, allowing you to supply your gear with electricity wherever you go.


Alternative energy with Preppers Shop

Creating electricity to power your gear when camping doesn’t have to be a challenge. Preppers Shop provides a wide stock of alternative energy to help you along on your camping expeditions. Preppers Shop is dedicated to supplying you with everything you need for camping, survival, prepping and military supplies. Don’t be left in the dark on your next camping adventure and take a look at what we offer, or come on down to our shop in Cornwall for all your camping power needs. Get in touch with our team for any questions on what power supplies would be ideal to suit your needs.