The Benefits of Inflatable Air Tents

The Benefits of Inflatable Air Tents

When choosing the right tent for camping, backpacking or any outdoor experience, it’s important to consider the number of people joining you, as well as the type of terrain you’ll be setting up on. You’ll want to be comfortable, safe, and dry when camping, and of course, pitch your tent quickly to start enjoying your holiday as soon as possible. 


Here at Preppers Shop, we can offer our expertise on the best inflatable air tents to suit your camping needs. 


Inflatable air tents are becoming extremely popular and are in high demand thanks to the many benefits they can offer to every type of camper. Preppers Shop supplies inflatable air tents in several sizes and designs, from a wide variety of brands, so you have ample choice in finding the right air tent for your next camping adventure. 


But what are the benefits of inflatable air tents, and how do they compare to traditional tents for the best camping experience possible?


Easy and quick setup

Camping is a time to relax, take a well-earned break from everyday life, and enjoy the great British countryside - or one of the UK’s beautiful beaches. What most people don’t enjoy, however, is setting up camp and getting everything just the way you want it. Unlike traditional pole tents, inflatable air tents can be set up in just a few minutes with the help of an air pump. This makes them ideal for camping trips where you want to set up camp quickly and easily, such as for parents with young children, or if it’s starting to get dark. It also makes setting up in the rain less of a pain too!


Lightweight and portable

Camping equipment that is lightweight and portable is a must when traveling in the great outdoors. You’ll often be going on long walks, carrying various pieces of gear, and lightweight tents are especially essential for backpackers who traverse great distances to different locations. That is why inflatable air tents are beneficial for those looking for an easy-to-carry, lightweight tent that can be taken anywhere. From small, one-person air tents to larger sizes able to accommodate groups of five or more, inflatable tents can be carried in your camping rucksack or stored compactly in your car for whatever length of journey.


Durable and strong

Even though you may think of inflatable materials as easily puncturable from sharp objects or uneven ground, Preppers Shop’s selection of inflatable air camping tents from leading brands are all made from the strongest material available. These materials, such as Weathershield 68D from the range of Kampa tents, are made to withstand the elements including strong winds, rain, and the sun, whilst also being extremely tear-proof, meaning you can set up your inflatable air tent on any terrain. In addition, compared to traditional pole tents, air tents are much less likely to break and bend, giving you peace of mind that they will have a long-lasting life.


Spacious and comfortable

Inflatable air tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect tent for your needs. They also tend to have more headroom and living space than traditional tents, making them more comfortable for extended camping trips. This is why inflatable air tents are more beneficial for large families and groups who are looking for a large space to relax in after a busy day of outdoor activities. You’ll have ample room for your family, as well as extra space for your camping gear, with the range of air tents from Outdoor Revolution that can accommodate up to seven people, in addition to awning extensions to help you make your campsite a home away from home. 


Preppers Shop air tents are suitable for any occasion

One of the great things about air tents is that they are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide selection of settings. As well as camping, you can pitch your air tent at festivals, beach trips, on hiking adventures, and more. Here at Preppers Shop, we supply a vast range of inflatable air tents from high-end and reputable manufacturers, and we are confident we have an air tent to suit your camping needs, no matter the environment or the number of campers.


Come take a look at our selection of camping air tents and an array of other camping gear and accessories, or get in touch with one of our team for any camping questions.