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ReadyWise: The Ultimate Ready Meals for Vegetarians
When you’re about to head off for an extended trekking trip or just planning to stock up your bug-out supplies, you need to think carefully about the types of food to pack, especially if you are vegetarian or have a food allergy. If you’re backpacking...
Is an Arcade belt the best EDC belt to buy?
We believe that Arcade belts are one of the best items to have in your EDC essentials (every day carry) kit. Here is a list of why we believe that Arcade belts are worth having in your every day kit. 
Some of the best places to shoot archery in Cornwall.
Are you thinking of starting out in the world of archery? Here we have put together a guide on some of the best places and archery clubs around Cornwall and some top tips on how to be safe and enjoy shooting that bow properly. 
Fuel Your Preparation And Trek'N'Eat With These Easy And Nutritional Rations.
Meal planning is a necessity when camping and making sure you have enough food is a must. We have the perfect item here at Preppers Shop UK. Ration packs are there to allow you to pack light but still have the right amount of calorie intake each day. ...
Is Yeti really worth the money?
From insulation to their 5 year warranty this is why we really believe Yeti is worth the money you pay for it.