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Bulk Buys

Buying bulk means big discounts. Think Costco for the preppers among us. When you purchase bulk items, you can enjoy discounts, as well as lots of stock of your favourite things.

Bulk Buy Food

At Preppers Shop, we’re all about preparing for any eventuality and want to ensure our customers have everything they need. Our range of bulk-buy stock allows you to store large quantities of food and survival supplies, preparing you for any sort of event. Be it a blackout, food shortages, or whatever else – you’ll always have a reliable stock of everything you need.

We stock a huge range of prepping supplies, including the impressive ReadyWise range of freeze-dried meals. The ReadyWise range includes a vast selection of meal choices, which can be kept for up to 25 years. Complete with a sturdy bucket, your freeze-dried meals can be used as and when needed – and always kept handy for whatever comes your way.

Enjoy genuine military ration pack bulk buys of items, such as hot chocolate pouches, couscous, biscuits and so much more with the Preppers Shop range.

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