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Camping Toilet

If you’re planning a trip deep into the wilds where there’s no guarantee of facilities containing toilets, then a portable camping toilet is the answer.

Rather than getting caught short, a camping toilet can provide a hygienic and convenient solution. If you’re heading out into more remote areas then a folding camping toilet and camping toilet bags can ensure that you’re not left in an awkward situation and allows you to dispose of waste in a responsible, hygienic and more eco-friendly manner. And if you’re camping off the beaten track then a small camping toilet can provide the solution when nature calls and a small toilet tent can also provide privacy regardless of where you find yourself when the situation arises.

A range of portable camping toilets is available here at Preppers Shop as well as all the necessary accessories for cleaning, toilet fluids and fast dissolving toilet paper to ensure you have all that you need for your camping toilet requirements.

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