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Caravan Steps

The primary reason for having a caravan folding step is safety. A folding step for your caravan and driveaway awning provides a safe and stable platform for entering and exiting the caravan which is particularly important if you have young children, elderly adults or people with mobility issues as part of your group. Caravan folding steps are extremely durable and sturdy, meaning they can withstand the wear and tear of camping for many years of outdoor adventuring. As they fold down, they are able to be space-saving - slotting into small storage spaces when not in use.

Some versions are mesh platform folding steps – meaning more of the mud and grass can be left outside the caravan – keeping the interior clean and tidy and can help you to reach the highest storage cupboards inside the caravan as well. A folding step for your caravan is also an extremely versatile item of camping furniture as it can be used as a stool, footrest or even a small table making them a useful addition to your general camping equipment even if you’re not camping in a caravan.

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