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Charcoal is a popular fuel source for BBQs and Smokers because it produces a high, consistent heat that is ideal for cooking quickly and evenly. BBQ charcoal burns hotter than some other fuels, ensuring food is cooked thoroughly, and charcoal for BBQs can also impart the unique smoky flavour to the food that makes it so delicious.

Maybe you’re looking to gather friends in your back garden and want to be prepared, or just want some charcoal for your BBQ on hand to throw an impromptu party in case of an unexpectedly sunny day. Perhaps you’re going on a camping adventure and need charcoal for your camping BBQ to feed everyone after a day of hiking or working up an appetite in the great outdoors. Preppers Shop has BBQ charcoal for sale to cover all your needs, and we stock a variety of charcoal bags for BBQs, including the ProQ range of coconut shell briquettes which burn two to three times longer.

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