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Curing Kits

A curing kit is a set of tools and materials used to cure or preserve food, typically meats and fish, by removing moisture and inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The process of curing involves adding salt, sugar, nitrates and other ingredients to add flavour to the meats and then allowing them to dry and age over a period of time. This process of meat curing helps to enhance the flavour, texture and colour of the meat as well as extending its shelf life.

At Preppers Shop we have bacon curing kits, salmon curing kits and general meat curing kits for any meat form, which include detailed instructions, reusable equipment and several flavours to get you started. Power up your BBQ experience at home with our range of flavourful kits. No prior experience is needed, just one of our meat curing kits to get you curing your own meats like a pro, guaranteeing you’ll never settle for shop-bought meat again.

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