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FireDragon Fuel Gel - 250ml

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Introducing our new all-weather gel biofuel derived from FireDragon Solid fuel technology. Made from UK sourced ethanol, FireDragon Gel Fuel can be used in multi-fuel outdoor cooking stoves, and barbecues, as well as indoor ethanol fireplaces.

We formulated and developed the FireDragon gel to help people who venture in the great outdoors cook their rations and boil their brews quickly, safeguard their health, while protecting the environment. Our fuel is nontoxic, non-drip and made from 100% natural ingredients including ethanol sourced from UK grown grain stocks. It is easy to light, burns cleanly and our research shows that it boils quicker than meths.

FireDragon Gel fuel is an ideal companion for all outdoor pursuits. Whether in driving rain, the freezing arctic or searing heat, the fuel will perform in extreme conditions.

› Easy to Light - Extremely easy to light with a flint & striker, lighter or matches.
› Quick Boil - Boils quicker than meths.
› Non-Drip - The non-flowing gel and bottleneck widget prevent leakage.
› Clean Burn - The gel produces very little soot.
› All Weather - FireDragon gel is waterproof and will burn even when wet. The ultimate all weather gel fuel.
› Non-Toxic - Gives off an odourless clean burn.
› Environmentally Friendly - Made from 100% natural ingredients, FireDragon is kind to the planet. 

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Michael  /  Preston

The thing to consider with this is that it is a gel not a straight up watery-like liquid. So it is used up quicker than you might think, and its a little harder to light than you might like and may take a few good goes with a fire striker to get going.

However when it does get going it burns for a surprisingly long time - my room mate keeps stealing it off of me to keep himself warm while he goes out for a smoke...

Its also water resistant and burns cleanly - so all in all a good alternative to other similar products for your bug out bag!