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Introducing the highly acclaimed French Military 24 Hour RCIR MRE Ration Pack - the ultimate survival solution for those who demand the best in quality, convenience, and nutrition. Designed and used by the French Military, this ration pack is a testament to their dedication and expertise in providing top-notch sustenance for soldiers in the field. These are genuine issue French Military 24hr packs, these are some of the rarest and most sought after packs!

Crafted with premium ingredients and carefully selected for their long-lasting shelf life, this MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) ration pack provides a complete and balanced meal for 24 hours. From breakfast to dinner, each component of this pack has been meticulously designed to provide optimal nutrition and energy for the demanding tasks of our brave military personnel.

This ration pack contains everything you need to fuel your body and mind in the most challenging conditions. With a wide variety of delicious and nutritious elements, including main courses, sides, snacks, and even desserts, you can rest assured that your nutritional needs are met and exceeded with each and every meal.

What sets this French Military 24 Hour RCIR MRE Ration Pack apart is not only its exceptional taste and quality, but also its convenience and versatility. As an RCIR (Ration de Combat Individuelle Réchauffable), this pack can be easily heated and enjoyed on-the-go, making it the perfect companion for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and hunting.

Don't settle for subpar rations when you can have the best. Experience the superior quality and convenience of the French Military 24 Hour RCIR MRE Ration Pack and take your survival game to the next level. Order now and be prepared for any adventure or emergency that comes your way.

Each ration pack contains the following:
2 x Main meals
1 x Muesli
1 x Starter
1 x Cheese spread or Milk desert
1 x Pack of  salted and sweet biscuits
1 x Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate
1 x Nougat, Fruit Jelly, Energy Bar
1 x Chocolate Bar
1 x Jam
1 x Isotonic Drink Powder
1 x ESBIT heating stove
6 x Water purification tablets

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