Government Recommended Emergency Preparedness Kit

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This is our exclusive Government Recommended Emergency Preparedness Kit. This was built to cover all of the government recommended contents as well as some added items that we feel are vital. This is built with the everyday consumer family in mind. Its enough to cover you in any emergencies as a power cut, house fire, flooding etc. 

Our bag is built with military spec contents ensuring that when it matters these products will last and perform as intended.

This kit includes the following:
- 28L Dry Bag - This heavy duty bag is fully waterproof. You can compress your kit down with the roll-top enclosure to reduce space and be safe in the knowledge that the contents are fully protected from water, especially essential in any sort of flooding situation.
- 2 x Foil emergency blankets - These foil blankets are vital for retaining body heat in an emergency situation. They fold super small and are extremely lightweight and should be included in every emergency kit.
- 3 x Military Ration Meal Pouches - These are military issues ration meal pouches. They are designed to last 20 years and offer fully nutritious meals that can be eaten hot or cold. 
- 3 x Military Ration Heaters - These weigh less than 90g and are the size of a single sheet of paper. Fill with a small amount of liquid and within 10 minutes you will have a piping hot ration meal. The rations can be eaten cold but are a lot tastier when heated in these.
- 1L of Water - 1L of water as a minimum for an emergency There is spare space in the bag to increase how much water you include.
- 4 x Water Purification Tabs - These are military issue water purification devices. Simply place 1 tablet in 1l of water and wait 30 minutes before your able to consume the water. This provides the ability to drink dirty water safely in times of emergency.
- 9 Led Torch - A really handy pocket sized torch to provide emergency light. This includes 3 x AAA batteries.
- Deluxe First Aid Kit - Our deluxe first aid kit includes all of the essentials to perform all of your basic first aid needs. In times of emergencies with the emergency services are busy this is vital in preventing long delays for basic treatments.
- 2 x Military Wet Wipes - These individual wet wipes are essential for hygiene and cleanliness. 
- 10600 MaH Portable Power Bank - These super lightweight pocket friendly power banks provide several charges of your phone. In an emergency your phone can be the most vital survival tool you could ever have. The ability to keep your phone charged is vital.

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