Loyalty Scheme

Tesco has Clubcard, BP have Nectar, Preppers Shop UK have Prepper Points!

Each item on our website shows you exactly how many Prepper Points you'll earn when you purchase.

For every £1 you spend at Preppers Shop UK, you'll redeem 1 Prepper Point

1 Prepper Point is worth 2 pence, so if your order before shipping is a total of £100, the next time you place an order you'll have 100 Prepper Points to use - which would mean a £2 saving on your next purchase.

In your shopping cart you'll see the total number of Prepper Points accumulated for the whole order.

Prepper Points can be used to save money on your next order, they never run out and every order you place will add more points to your tally.

This means that every time you shop at Preppers Shop UK, you'll be banking a saving against a future order with us, a great excuse to keep building your prepping kit - although you shouldn't need an excuse for adding gear to your prepping supplies!

It's easy to see how many points you're earning on every product you add to basket. All of our products have the Prepper Points value just above the Add To Cart button on the product listing.

Once your order is processed, the Prepping Points will show in your account, ready to be used whenever you wish to redeem them.

As you can see, in this case Sergeant Prepper has accumulated 169 Prepper Points for his order of a crossbow, some targets and some crossbow wax.

Next time Sergeant Prepper comes back to Preppers Shop UK to place an order, he can either redeem those 169 Prepper Points against that order and get the corresponding discount removed from the total, or choose not to use them, so the Prepper Points will accumulate.