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Rambo 2 First Blood Part 2 Movie Style Survival Knife

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This Rambo 2 First Blood Part 2 Movie Style Survival Knife is the ultimate replica for Rambo fans, the iconic knife from the second Rambo film that launched in 1985.

Like the original First Blood movie, First Blood Part 2 movie knife utilises the same Vietnam era survival design, but now in black with a black sheath. It’s a larger knife than the original, built to the same overall profile. A key improvement over the original is the addition of the pommel on the handle.

The top of the handle screws off to reveal a survival kit containing a compass, match sticks, barbed fishing hook, fishing line & plaster.

This replica knife is finished in iconic black and is complete with black faux leather sheath. ‘Rambo First Blood Part II’ is embossed on the knife and the sheath.

A great addition to your collection and a must for any Rambo movie fan.


Overall Length: 394mm / 15.51 inches 
Weight: 587g / 20.71oz
Blade Length: 253mm / 9.96 inches
Leatherette case with belt slip included

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Reggie Gleeson  /  Redditch

Great knife, great price

Great looking knife, looks movie accurate. I bought The Rambo knives from movies 1,2,3 and 4 and they're all day fantastic. The delivery was quick and will buy again from them.

Frankie Clayton  /  North Carolina


There was a misunderstanding at first on my part but everything has been fixed.

Nello  /  Glasgow

Rambo knife

This thing is enormous. I’m a big guy and it still looks huge in my hand. Quite well weighted but point heavy. It’s a proper chopping weapon way more than a filleting knife. Draw it from the sheath and watch people take a step back it’s that big.

Michael  /  Preston

I've had this knife for a few days now and still can't comprehend it - its freakin huge! There is a point when a knife stops being a knife and becomes a machete instead and i'm pretty sure this thing is merrily dancing on that point.

Perfect to pull out alongside that lovely saying: "That's not a knife - THIS is a knife!"

Only problem I have with it is the handle - I know its mostly to do with the hollow inside, but due to the complete cylinder nature and being tightly wrapped in a nylon type deal its not as easy to grip as I hoped - maybe if it was rubber instead.

Still use-able though and I still love it!