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Smoking Woods

If you just purchase a cheap and cheerful disposable BBQ from the local garage, you’re not going to maximise the possibilities of flavours you can achieve with this ancient cooking method. It has long been recognised that the fuels you use for your BBQ or grill will massively impact the flavour of the food. Some people prefer the simplicity of gas fuel for their backyard BBQ, and this will definitely ensure an all-round even cook where the natural flavours of the food can be enjoyed. However, if you’re more of a gastronomical explorer you will want to discover the different effects that scented wood pellets and wood chips can produce.

Especially if you’re venturing into the world of BBQ smokers, you will soon discover that wood pellets of different trees will hugely impact the flavour of the food you’re smoking. Wood pellets for BBQ will also change flavours, and many BBQ wood pellets can burn longer and with a more even heat that can be achieved with charcoal for BBQs. Preppers Shop stocks a comprehensive range of fire starter products and fuels, for whatever type of BBQ, grill or smoker you are aiming to cook with.

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