Tent Showroom Cornwall

Preppers Shop in Cornwall is pleased to have a large tent showroom, not something many outward-bound shops can boast. We have one of the biggest tent showrooms in the UK giving us space to stock a range of brands, sizes and types of tents which are available to view.

Who wants to purchase something as significant as a tent online, when you could go to see it in the flesh? No one agrees to buy or rent a house without first looking around it, and a tent is your home-from-home for all your camping and trekking adventures and holidays, so you want to make sure it’s going to be the right tent for you and your travels.

Whether you’re looking for a spacious family tent for holidays in the summer near the beach, or a small, light survival tent for hiking and trekking with friends in the mountains, every customer has different requirements for their tent. When you’re outlaying for a tent, you want it to be sufficient for your needs and also to meet your budget, so being able to see your potential purchase within our tent showroom in Newquay means that you can make an informed choice, weighing up the various options and discovering what works for you.

Our tent display shop in Newquay

Located in Prow Park on the edge of Newquay in Cornwall, our tent showroom is easy to find. We have a large tent showroom that boasts the space for several tents to be erected inside to allow you to see what your potential purchase is like to put up and take down. Our expert and knowledgeable staff are also on hand and able to advise you on the best tent for your particular requirements. Besides our tent range are displays containing every possible accessory you might need to complete your camping supplies.

We supply high-quality, trusted tent brands

There are several renowned brands in the sphere of tents and camping, and Preppers Shop is pleased to be a stockist of the most reputable brands. We understand that when you’re out and about adventuring or holidaying, your tent is your home- from- home, and you need to be able to rely on its quality to guarantee you stay protected, whatever the weather.

Vango is an extremely reputable brand in camping spheres, with its name being synonymous with quality and reliability. We stock a range of Vango tents for different types of outdoor adventures. We also stock Robens tents, a brand that has built its reputation for over 50 years in the industry, and our stock of Robens tents includes larger tents for groups backpacking or families holidaying in the lakes or at the beach.

The range of Big Agnes tents that we stock is lightweight and varied, catering for single hikers or bike-trailers, as they’re able to pack remarkably small and even feature handy extras such as storage shelves to utilise the spare spaces inside the tent. Preppers Shop is also proud to stock tents for sale here in Cornwall from other well-known brands such as Highlander, Kampa, Kelty, Easy Camp and Sierra Designs as well as being an Outdoor Revolution tent showroom.  We are confident that we stock a tent for every type of camper from our extensive range.

easy camp palmdale tent

Our friendly team is here to help

All of our staff are highly experienced and able to help and advise you on the perfect tent for your expedition. If you visit our tent display shop, you will be able to fully benefit from their expertise and the whole process is much easier than trying to compare and contrast products online, where you can’t see the physical dimensions in the same way - or feel the quality of the materials.

Our team is very knowledgeable about all of the brands that we stock in our tent showroom and can help you to make the right purchase. We also stock an exceedingly extensive range of camping accessories and essentials and whilst you’re in store to choose the perfect tent, you can see which accessories you will also need to keep you and your crew warm and comfortable and fed whilst out on your next adventure.

We stock everything you need for your next Cornwall camping trip

Perhaps you already have lots of gear to make your camping experience great, maybe you need to upgrade some of the equipment you have, or maybe you’re newbie campers with none of the gear.

At Preppers Shop we have the answers you need. We stock extensive supplies of everything and anything you could need to make your camping trip a wild success. Whether you need sleeping bags, furniture for cooking or eating off, cool boxes, cookers and even food supplies, we have whatever it takes to make sure that your trip is a triumph.

3 reasons to visit our Cornwall tent shop

  1. Visiting our tent showroom in Cornwall gives you the chance to look at the model you’re considering purchasing in the flesh. Looking at it in person can ensure that you’re much better able to make an informed choice, which is much easier than looking at and trying to compare products online.
  2. Benefit from the expert and friendly advice from our team on-site. Although you can call and chat with a member of our team, conversations in person are so much better, as you can see the products on display in our tent showroom at the same time.
  3. Visiting our Cornwall tent showroom gives you also the chance to meet like-minded people who can be a source of information, advice and even potential new friendships for camping or prepping - whether they’re fellow customers or staff – and being physically inside the store means that you get to take your purchases home with you - instead of having to wait for a delivery.

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