Beginner’s Guide to Crossbow Maintenance – Our Top Tips

Beginner’s Guide to Crossbow Maintenance – Our Top Tips

To effectively hunt and shoot your targets with accurate precision you must know how to care for a crossbow. Not only will you be able to make your shots count, but your crossbow will ultimately last much longer, resulting in a more cost-effective solution than having to purchase a brand-new crossbow. 

You may have noticed areas of your crossbow that need some care and attention but are unsure of how to maintain them properly. Are you preparing for the start of the hunting season and looking for the best ways to clean up your crossbow? If this sounds like something that draws your attention, then our top tips below as well as the maintenance products that Preppers provide will certainly help you. 

Here are our top tips for crossbow maintenance:


 1- Wipe it down with a cotton cloth

One of the best first steps in crossbow care, which can be done before every use, is wiping it down with a cloth. Spray water on a cotton or microfibre towel to stop this cleaning method from scratching your crossbow, then wipe the crossbow down to remove, dust, dirt, and other contaminants. Remaining dry after this process is important to prevent parts of your crossbow from rusting.


2- Check your string, cables, and any misadjustments

Each time you use your crossbow, you are applying pressure and stress on certain parts. Regular checks on your string, cables, and other parts like the screws and bolts will help ensure your crossbow lasts longer. We recommend changing your string and cables at least once every two years with a regular amount of usage, but whenever you need to change it Preppers supplies a number of strings.


3- Wax your string

Changing your string isn’t just the only way to maintain that part of your crossbow. Applying wax on your crossbow string will ensure that it works more efficiently and lasts longer. It is very easy to apply and can be carried out by rubbing the lube wax along the string and prod, covering every part of it. Then use your fingers and thumb, or a leather cloth, and thoroughly work the wax into the string. Your string will now be in the best possible condition for your next use.


4- Care for your cocking mechanism

When not in use your crossbow will be decocked, creating the perfect time to inspect the vital parts of your crossbow. The parts that make up this mechanism include springs, cords, handles, covers, and hooks. If you notice any of these parts to have any damage, then you must get them replaced as soon as possible. This area of crossbow maintenance is simple to achieve. 

First, ensure the mechanism is dry by wiping it down with a cotton cloth. Secondly, take a cotton ball that has been dipped in soapy water, and carefully wipe down the inside of the mechanism and edges. Then, wax can be applied to ensure efficiency as well as oils to protect against rust. The last step is to make sure that all the screws, bolts, and nuts are as tight as they possibly can be. 


5- Clean the scope lens

For those long shots, you’ll be looking through your lens scope. Fortunately, your lens scope won’t need as much maintenance as the other parts of your crossbow, as it is one of the easiest parts to care for. All you will need to do is wipe it down with a cloth whenever you notice fingerprint smudges or dirt build-up.


6- Care for your flight rail

The flight rail is another important part to maintain when caring for your crossbow. It is important to clean this part of the crossbow to stop dirt and debris from building up. Another simple part to clean, but no less important, firstly dip a q-tip into water, then wipe down the flight rail. This will help to release any dirt, then use a dry cloth to wipe any remaining grime away. Use lubricant also on both sides of the flight rail, but it is important to not use any petroleum-based lubricants, as this will cause a build-up of dust which can lead to rust.


7- Care for your arrows

What good is a well-maintained crossbow if you have blunted, damaged, and uncared-for arrows? Before each outing, always check your arrows for damage, including cracks and dents before shooting them. Firing arrows made from carbon that have dents and cracks could lead to the carbon shafts of the arrows shattering on impact or when firing, leading to fragments causing injury to yourself and others. Arrows that are bent could also travel in an unintended direction, causing serious injuries to those around you.


8- Other useful tips

You can also use a case or crossbow bag to protect your bow, keeping it well-maintained when not in use. This will protect it from contaminants disallowing build-up of dust and moisture leading to rust. It also keeps your crossbow safe from unwanted hands and provides extra protection against potential accidents.


Maintain with Preppers

Here at Preppers UK, we are experts in aiming to offer you everything you need for your crossbow maintenance and spare parts. We can offer a range of crossbows available from a variety of prices to suit any budget - from pistol, rifle, and compound crossbows as well as accessories including targets, arrows, and strings. 

Visit our crossbow accessories page for many useful products to help maintain and care for your crossbow.