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Camping Chairs

Owning some camping furniture makes your camping experience more convenient by providing you with somewhere to sit, eat, work or relax. If you’re camping with the whole family or are just having an extended trip, then having comfortable camping chairs to sit and lounge on while you’re relaxing, eating and just enjoying the great outdoors makes it a much more enjoyable experience.

Camping chairs are designed to be comfortable, but also portable, making setting up your new home-from-home more efficient. Fold up camping chairs are lightweight and easy to carry and store, some are ultra-lightweight camping chairs for backpacking. Reclining camping chairs are great for lazier days spent sunbathing at the campsite and double camping chairs create a convenient sofa for your temporary home. For the ultimate in comfort, whilst you’re on your grand outdoor adventures, you can also find the inflatable camping chair range which inflates in minutes to provide a chair, or sofa, just like your one at home – a bit of luxury to give your camp experience - the added extra ‘something’ to make it stand out as the perfect break.

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