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Camping Clothing

Being a camper means getting dirty and connecting with the great outdoors. A little bit of mud, dirt or stains aren’t going to stop you from enjoying the outdoors. That said, you need something durable, warm, and effective for a variety of uses. Luckily, the Preppers Shop camping clothing range has everything.

Camping clothing can be anything from versatile hiking trousers, waterproof socks or a handy combat belt to make your adventures more functional for comfort and practicality.

Camp clothing essentials include a waterproof jacket, versatile trousers and a good pair of hiking shoes to ensure you can handle long walks in all terrains. Our range of camp clothing includes a massive variety of products, including ex-military surplus camp clothing, service wear, cargos and combats, and authentic ex-military gear.

Blend into your surroundings, get comfy and conquer the outdoors with authentic camp clothing from Preppers Shop. Prepare for all kinds of adventure by wearing the right camping clothing and stocking up with our camping gear.

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