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Driveaway Awnings

A driveaway awning is a tent structure which is designed to be attached to the side of a camper van or motorhome and can provide additional living space and shelter from the elements, extending the area of the van for a more comfortable outdoor adventure.

They are called ‘driveaway’ awnings as they can be easily detached from the vehicle, allowing the van or motorhome to be driven away while leaving the awning in place. This means that campers aren’t fixed to the spot and can explore the local area, or just pop off to the supermarket, without having to pack up the entire campsite. Available in a range of sizes to provide the perfect shelter extension to every size of camper van or motorhome, Preppers Shop even offers inflatable versions, making for a speedy set-up, whatever time you arrive on site.

Driveaway awnings are the perfect extension to your camping motorhome or van – providing additional living space, storage space or just extra sleeping areas for the family, meaning a more luxurious holidaying experience for all. With a wide range of brands and sizes, Preppers Shop is confident that we can supply the perfect driveaway awning for your vehicle, as well as groundsheets, draft excluders and many other accessories.

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