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Kampa understands the importance of spending quality time with friends and family in the great outdoors and believes that camping should be an experience accessible to everyone. The products available from Kampa will turn your camping experience into one you will never forget, with comfort and accessibility being Kampa’s priorities. Kampa stocks a wide range of camping tents, furniture, accessories and heaters, enabling you to choose the specific gear that will fit your camping holiday.

Everyone needs a good place to sleep for the night when camping. Comfort, safety and shelter from the outside world during the night are essential for your camping experience, and our Kampa tents are designed for just that purpose. Our stock includes easy-to-pitch and lightweight two-person tents all the way through to Kampa eight-man tents, able to accommodate large families, with darkened rooms for the perfect night’s sleep.

Additionally available are several Kampa accessories for tents, including the Kampa Dream Double Camp Bed along with Kampa lanterns, perfect for illuminating your campsite with great efficiency. We all know how cold the UK weather can get sometimes, that is why Kampa provides electric heaters of varying sizes so you can stay toastie and warm throughout the day and night while sitting in comfort with our range of chairs, specifically designed for ease of access and ideal for caravanning, picnics, and camping.

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