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Kelty: noun | \kel-tee\
(1) activity engaged in for enjoyment and recreation.
(2) something way more fun than work.

Kelty are an adventure brand reversing the phrase ‘work hard, play hard’. The Kelty brand has been around since 1952, emphasising play, enjoyment and just living your best life. Kelty gear is versatile, including camp kitchen organisers, double camping chairs, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, cool boxes, tarps, and much more.

The Kelty outdoors products stocked at Preppers Shop will ensure you have everything you need for your camping trip. Not only are their products attractive and stylish, Kelty combines high-quality materials, durable design and functionality to create products that can be used all year round for fair-weather campers and hard-core adventure seekers.

Additionally, Kelty is passionate about the great outdoors and is one of the four founding members of The Conservative Alliance to increase the outdoor industry’s support for conservation efforts. Their range of products are must-haves for outdoor enthusiasts, combining fantastic materials with stand-out colours to create effortlessly stylish products every type of camper needs.

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