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Military Army Rations

Preppers Shop is the UK’s number one supplier of military rations and emergency rations. From survival food packs for your wild camping trips and outdoor adventures to long-life rations and prepping supplies for the end of days. Just know… we’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking to stock up on MRE meals for any time of the day, bulk rations, or some energy-efficient snacks, Preppers Shop have got it all.

We Have an Extensive Range of Military Food Options

Preppers Shop stocks a huge range of emergency food rations and British military ration packs as part of our military surplus range.

We stock absolutely everything to see you through your excursions, camping trips and prepping. Our range of food rations includes MRE meals, bulk 24hr rations, various food pouches for every meal of the day, energy bars, dehydrated food pouches, and so much more to keep you fuelled and fed.

Preppers Shop is one of the only places you’ll find an extensive range of military ration packs and emergency food rations. Stock up for the uncertain future, a few weeks of extensive excursion, or just for a weekend trip roughing it in the wild.

Buy British Army Ration Packs

We stock a huge range of army ration packs, including a selection of vegan and vegetarian meals, as well as desserts, wet meals, 24hr ration packs and other ration snacks. Take your lifestyle to the next level with legit military rations.

Be fully prepared for every meal in the wild with Preppers Shop’s range of military food rations, meal pouches, emergency drinking water, and bulk boxes. From ground coffee to tinned goods, we’ll help you prep.

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