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Military Blankets

Surviving the cold is a staple for any home and any camper. Whether you’re out in the van or for a night of hammock camping, carrying extra blankets is a must.

At Preppers Shop, we stock a huge selection of military and camping blankets to keep you wrapped up, cosy and warm through winter, summer and the seasons in between. Whether you’re beach side or at the peak of a mountain, you’ll want something wrapped around you for that authentic camper feeling.

Our range of ex-military blankets comes in a selection of colours and patterns, which means you’re destined to find something that suits you and your vibes. Our ex-military blankets are reversible, large and warm. Wherever your adventures take you, make sure you have a few ex-military blankets stoked up to drape over you, tuck you in or protect you from the elements.

Enjoy your next camping trip with a genuine ex-military blanket from Preppers Shop.

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