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Rifle Crossbows

A rifle crossbow is an extremely powerful weapon that can be used for hunting and military purposes. A crossbow rifle is a hybrid between a compound bow and a crossbow and uses a stock, similar to what you’d see on a gun. A rifle crossbow can be used for hunting or target shooting and is a good alternative to buying a gun. Ideal for hunting or prepping for survival, your next Rifle crossbow can be found at Preppers Shop.

We Stock Rifle Crossbows From The World’s Leading Brands

Preppers Shop UK is the UK's largest stockist of Rifle Recurve Crossbows, supplying a range of crossbows from various price points from as little as £65.00. Rifle crossbows have some serious power and are great fun for target shooting, or for preppers keen to learn how to fend for themselves. We stock Rifle Crossbows from the world’s leading brands including Anglo Arms Crossbows, EK Crossbows, Hori-zone Crossbows, Bear Crossbows, PSE Crossbows, Armex Crossbows, & Excalibur Crossbows.


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