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Swedish Civil Defence Forsheda NBC F2 A4 Gas Mask Respirator

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This is the very best gas mask that we stock. They are brand new Forsheda Swedish Civil Defence Respirator gas masks.
Manufactured by Forsheda, these are world class NBC F2 A4 rated masks. These offers superior penetration protection from all threat agents.

 - Brand New
- Adults Size 2
- Tested and verified to work for 24hrs in a contaminated area
- Large specially ground lenses provide up to 88% normal field of vision
- Filter thread matches NATO's STANAG 4155 (40mm)
- Comfortable 6 strap harness ensures a perfect fit
- Weighs under 1lb
- Airflow is optimized across both lenses to prevent fogging
- Made from latest technology and materials
- Protection against all known chemical, viral and biological warfare agents
- Also for radioactive solid and liquid particles Nuclear, Radioactive solid and liquid particles Biological, Bacteria and virus Chemical, Organic gases like Sarin, VX, Mustard Gas, Tabun, Inorganic gases like Cyanide and Phosgene
- Made from a high strength polymer and weighs under 300 grams
- Brand New Made to Military Spec in Sweden
- Gas mask takes standard NATO 40mm Filters

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M  /  G

excellent mask

Very good quality mask, recieved it in brand new condition as described. Seals good and will protect well in a emergency situation.

Craig S  /  Glasgow

Mask quality was good as were the filters. Would recommend.

Michael Byrne  /  Eire

great Mask

I own a couple of gas masks and this one is probably the most comfortable I've ever put on .

Callum White  /  Woodbridge, Suffolk, England.

Amazing mask at a great price.

I did not purchase this mask from preppersshop but i got the same exact one a few years ago and it is amazing, holds upto everything even NBC threads so great for SHTF. You may think why are you reviewing this if you didn't buy this from preppersshop? I am reviewing to tell others that this mask at this price preppersshop has put this up for is absolutely amazing. If you want ultimate protection stick on an in date NBC filter, get an airtight seal and you will be protected from everything trying to harm your respiratory system.