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Water Purification

For all UK preppers water storage and purification should be the number one priority. Without water you will never survive.  

Before a situation occurs you should focus on storing water, and as much of it as you can. A lot of people hugely underestimate how much water they use. Its very worthwhile tracking how much water you use throughout an entire day, and make sure you account for all of your family!

The next stage of you water preps (And possibly the most vital) is water purification. In a disaster situation clean water can be very hard to come by.  

We stock a massive range of water purification options enabling you to drink otherwise contaminated and dirty water.  
Oasis tablets are the best way to stock up and the easiest to use.  We also stock UV treatments, hand filters, hand winder systems, purification straws, large filters from brands such as Steripen, Sawyer, Oasis & BCB




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