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Yeti Products UK

Yeti was founded in 2006 by two brothers with the simple mission of creating a cooler that could be used every day in the remote wilderness, on a fishing trip or absolutely anywhere else. Yeti’s vision has led to the production of some brilliantly innovative products that combine camping practicality with a luxury finish and feel.

The Yeti brand began with high-quality coolers that would not break, with the message that Yeti products perform when it matters most. Now, sixteen years after their inception, their range of products now includes cool boxes, cool bags, waterproof bags, totes, tumblers, apparel and even pet gear for the luxury pet camping companion.

YETI Stockists

Preppers Shop is proud to be a Yeti stockist, supplying UK camp enthusiasts with high-quality gear, as well as saving the environment from single-use plastic bottles and packaging waste. Yeti has helped to protect the environment by eliminating 287,000 single-use water bottles, further reducing their carbon footprint by 50%.

Their strong eco-friendly values, paired with the unrivalled quality of their products, make Yeti a powerful brand that offers camping essentials that perform – and an ethos that we at Preppers Shop can support.

For Yeti products UK, you can find it all here at Preppers Shop.

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