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Bug Out Bags

What are bug out bags? Bug out bags are your key to survival. Imagine an evacuation situation or an event that requires you to leave and keep yourself safe for 24, 48, or even 72 hours. To do this, you’ll need a fully stocked bug out bag!

Also referred to as a go bag, survival bag, or grab bag, your bug out bag is meant to hold all of the survival supplies you would need to remain alive for at least 72 hours. Your bug out bag needs to hold all your survival essentials to give you the upper hand when disaster strikes.

Your emergency bug out bag minimum requirements should include:

If disaster does strike and you are forced to fend for yourself, you’re going to need all the essentials to keep you alive, fed, and dry while prepping for what’s to come. Your bug out bag needs to hold your shelter, something to hold or clean water – or water itself – and enough food to keep you alive for the foreseeable future. Your bug out bag needs to hold absolutely everything you need to survive, condensing down small enough to fit into your chosen bag for all your travels.

Unsure what your bug out bag needs to include? Preppers Shop has got your back with various pre-packed bug out bags. We have a variety of styles of bags, including all the survival essentials to keep you safe and well for at least five days.

We stock everything, from basic survival packages to ultimate survival kits with all the tricks and tools so that you’re always prepared, wherever, whenever.

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