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Cool Boxes

Iced beverages and cool food are the unsung heroes of a camping trip. There’s nothing worse than getting to your spot and opening up a warm beer or having a sip of a lukewarm bottle of water. Make every camping trip perfect with a cool box.

Here at Preppers Shop UK we stock a variety of different cool boxes from Kelty to Ex Military Surplus. Each cooler is of a high quality with excellent insulation and is designed to withstand all outdoor conditions. We even stock lightweight, foldable coolers, which ensure effortless transportation and will not weigh you down! Add that little bit of luxury to any camping trip or picnic on the beach with a cool box from Preppers Shop UK.

The Yeti range is one of the best cool box ranges you can buy. Made from incredibly robust materials and geared up perfectly for outdoor use, the Yeti cool boxes are absolutely essential for all outdoor enthusiasts.

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