Army & Military Surplus in Cornwall

We’re Preppers Shop and we’re the UK’s largest (and best) army and military surplus supplier in Cornwall. We stock all things military surplus, be it military army ration packs, military bags, authentic clothing, boots and shoes, or tents and sleeping equipment. We stock it all.

Our military surplus supplies are genuine military supplies that are no longer needed and can be decommissioned and then re-sold for civilian use. We stock an unrivalled range of ex-military surplus, including ex-British military clothing, accessories, army rations, and so much more.

We’re the most used store for military gear in Cornwall. Come take a look at our stock.

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We supply military surplus in Cornwall for all campers, military enthusiasts, and preppers alike. Our extensive range can be used for functional fashion while you’re exploring the great outdoors, body armour and other military protective gear for all practical uses, as well as military army rations to keep you fed and happy on your camping trips, prepping for nature excursions, and any food shortages.

Preppers Shop Cornwall has dedicated warehouses filled to the brim with genuine military gear and army surplus. Our warehouses are constantly being re-stocked with all the military surplus essentials and accessories to help you look and feel prepped and ready for anything. Whether it’s cooking supplies, military storage boxes, CBRN gear, or authentic military rations, our Cornwall shop will have what you need.

You can find us at the location below:

Preppers Shop UK

Units 11 & 12

Dunveth Business Park



PL27 7FE

We have the largest supply of military food rations in Cornwall (and the UK!)

As the UK’s largest supplier of military food rations, we really pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of authentic food rations for the Bear Grylls types of explorers looking to push themselves to the limits, adventure campers in need of high-calorie food rations to see them through their excursions, and UK preppers looking to stay a couple of steps ahead of any food shortages or disasters.

Our stock of military food rations will see you fed for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and everything in between. We stock your typical canned and boxed goods, such as instant mashed potato, hot chocolate pouches, and various meal pouches, including pasta and vegetables, chicken with lentils, and tuna with rice. As well as a variety of vegetarian meal pouches and rations to keep you fed for up to 24 hours in all environments.

If you’re already fully stocked for meal pouches, we do also stock a wide selection of freeze-dried meals prepared in large tins with a shelf life of up to 25 years. Enjoy beef stew and potato, macaroni cheese, chicken fried rice, and so many more options.

We even have some 6 month survival packs and 3 and 1 months packs to help you prepare for any eventuality. 

So, whether you’re prepping for now or much later, the Preppers Shop military food rations will keep your belly full for months or years to come.

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Clothing, Tents, Bags and more

The reason we’re the UK’s largest military surplus supplier? We stock absolutely everything you need for your military gear in Cornwall.

To see you dressed and ready for anything, we stock a huge selection of genuine military surplus clothing. Stay warm with various thermal long johns, military green tees and long sleeves, all your camo necessities for hunting, hiking and camping, and of course a selection of overalls and waterproof trousers.

Campers, preppers, hikers, hunters, sports fans and military enthusiasts will all benefit from the Preppers Shop range of military surplus clothing.

To hold all your gear, we also have a huge range of military bags. We stock dry bags to keep your gear dry even when submersed, military bergen bags for function, tool satchels, medic bags, holdalls, and so much more. Our warehouse is always being restocked with various military bags of various sizes. From convenient tool pouches to 60-litre backpacks and gear bags, we can help you gear up, prepare, and enjoy your next outdoor excursion with the right gear.

You’ve got your clothes, you’ve packed your bag, and you’re equipped with meal rations for the next few days, what’s next? You need your sleeping gear. We have tents, cold and warm-weather sleeping bags for versatile campers, tepee tents, and bivvy bags. Not to mention a lovely selection of genuine military blankets for cosy camping, survival situations, or just to decorate your swanky campsite.

Anything else?

Did we mention we also stock some kids military gear, storage equipment, tools and hardware, and CBRN and body armour. We really do stock all the military surplus and army gear you could need. That’s why we’re the chosen military shop in Cornwall.